LWL/LVR Festival FUTUR21: 
Human Fabrication
In the past, productivity was controlled from manual labor. Today, workers optimize and monitor themselves until the machine has collected enough data to replace them. So what value does the organic human have in a world of digital superhumans? The project on the future of work, which was created for the FUTUR21 festival of the LWL and LVR industrial museums in NRW, shows the past, present and future of work in an exaggerated audiovisual installation.
The Process
The brief for the project, which was created as part of a seminar for the Festival FUTUR21, was to visualize the future of work. The idea for the concept was born during the first visit to the museum. After inspecting the place, it was immediately clear to us that we would like to work in the old locksmith's shop. We liked the charm of the many old tools, there is something to discover everywhere. Exactly this feeling of desire to discover the place we wanted to reflect in our installation.
Each of us immediately had many ideas. For the first rehearsal we ran William Kentridge's »Shadow Procession« over the lines and let the cabinet live with arms. Quickly came the idea to work collage-like and exaggerated to bring our many different thoughts together.
The Exhibition
Photo: Pascal Mächtlen
Photo: Pascal Mächtlen
Photo: Pascal Mächtlen
Photo: Pascal Mächtlen
Photo: Pascal Mächtlen
Photo: Pascal Mächtlen
Photo: Pascal Mächtlen
Photo: Pascal Mächtlen

Location: LWL Industriemuseum Ziegelei Lage, Germany
Occasion: LWL/LVR Festival FUTUR21, Exhibition »Perpetuum mobile« of the University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld
Animation: four minute loop
Technical specifications: four projectors, ca. 22 m² room size, ceiling hight ca. 3,70 m
Planning time: October 2021 –January 2022
Team: Laura Hiebert, Finja Salzwedel, Lian Steputat (alphabetical)
Role: Group Leader, organisation, concept, illustration, animation, technical implementation, room staging and lighting
Programs used: Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Fresco, MadMapper
Sounddesign: Dennis Jegel
Supervisor: Prof. Claudia Rohrmoser, Benjamin Hohnheiser
Exhibition: March 2022

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