Experience Designer for interactive environments
Master of Arts Digital Media and Experiment
Bachelor of Arts Graphic and Communication design

My passion lies in the realm of experimental design and exploring the possibilities within digital worlds. I just graduated with a Master's degree in Digital Media and Experiment, where I am delving into the intricacies of this field. My hands-on Master's thesis is centered around the exploration of immersive and sensory experiences within the digital space. It has been my privilege to receive invitations to exhibit some of my work both domestically and internationally, and I eagerly anticipate future opportunities for international collaboration.
My pathway into the realm of digital media was paved by my Bachelor's degree in Communication Design, which encompassed diverse aspects, including illustration, UX design, web programming, and animation. The synergy of these disciplines has empowered me to convey narratives in innovative and compelling ways.
In essence, I am characterized by my unwavering passion for design, a comprehensive knowledge base, and an unyielding commitment to lifelong learning. I eagerly look forward to advancing my skills and visions as I navigate the path towards creating immersive and sensory experiences in the digital realm.

I love to create stories that transcend media and to tell them atmospherically within spaces

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