Synaesthesia (ongoing Masterproject)

How is it possible that one can get a feeling for the tactile of what is seen just by seeing it? How can this feeling be intensified and thus evoke emotions? My master thesis on the topic of aesthetic synesthesia deals with the connection of the senses of sight and touch. It examines synesthesia artistically as well as from a theoretical point of view. In the first part of the project analog experiments with ink are made, an excerpt can be found on the following scans. In the second step, these experiments are digitized, processed into moving images and become part of an interactive spatial installation.
Origin has the idea to research synesthesia from my illustration study time, in which I have often depicted clothing. It arose through much experimentation with different media such as acrylic, gouache and ink, which are combined in an unusual way with, for example, washing powder or alcohol. I created textures for a library of materials that could be accessed when thinking about how to illustrate a particular fabric. Synesthesia research offers me the opportunity to experiment further and take my illustrations to a new level. I was encouraged in my decision to research the topic by a workshop with video artist Susi Sie, who works similarly with analog techniques. In difference to her, I've been working with scans instead of film shots.
Excerpt of the latest experiments from my texture library
To prepare the analog scans for 3D animations I tested the programs Houdini and Blender. For this I had the chance to take classes on both programs with Moritz Schwind from Entagma. I also experimented with photogrammetry in Reality Capture to see how the ink structures can be used as textures.
Photo: Dennis Jegel
Photo: Dennis Jegel
Screenshot Reality Capture, 3D scan of a spruce
Screenshot Reality Capture, 3D scan of a spruce
First style sample with the ink textures on 3D modeled mushrooms.
Coloring a photogrammetry scan of a mushroom with analog textures in substance painter and testing a branch as interactive 3D interface for the installation with Arduino.
The project is constantly evolving. Therefore, this page is updated regularly.

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