Masterproject 2024
How is it possible to touch with the sense of sight? How can senses be engaged without being directly physically involved? How do the senses influence each other?
With the help of immersive media, synaesthesia, a connection of the senses, is intended to become perceptible to a broad audience. In an interactive, audiovisual installation, the connection between the sense of sight and touch is emphasized. To address the research question, haptics are illustratively abstracted from nature, distinctive features are highlighted, and linked to tactile objects.
Pictures by Jonas Glanz
The installation was designed to couple visual imagery with tactile objects. When something is touched within the box, projections in the room are triggered. The objects within the box encompass a variety of textures: soft, rough, or particularly structured. A social component is introduced through the two opposing entrances of the tactile box. This allows for interaction with another person, passing objects back and forth, or guiding them to specific areas.

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