This video is created for the ULTRAFETT Typography Festival of the FH Bielefeld in 2021 //Music: Sara Sara by Bufiman
For this work I chose to tell the story about the history of writing and the reading of signs. It starts with reading traces and ends with scripture as we know it today. Stations in between include cave painting, ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, linear A and B, the sumerian cuneiform alphabet, Albrecht Dürer's typometric studies and gothic fonts. The changing forms of writing are the focus of the work. For this purpose, the course of individual letters of "ULTRAFETT" is shown over and over again. Signs and drawings that were created manually were also reworked manually. It was also important to me to show my own style. So I decided to draw the majority of it. The only exceptions are the fonts that we use today as computer fonts. Since the focus should be on the structure and shape of the letters and drawings, there is no color throughout the video, which would distract from it.

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